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Infi 90 DCS and LAN-90 PCView Documentation Supplement
ID Document ID Rev Page Type Date Description
1 E97-808-2.1 C 11-1 Correction 4/5/97 Change "Press/click D" to "Press/click C"
2 E97-808-2.1 C 8-1 Clarification 4/5/97 Click/press I from the Configuration Menu to display the Configure Printer Spoolers screen
3 E97-808-2.1 C 8-4 Correction 4/5/97 Change "Press B from the Printer Utilities Menu to toggle the printing of system events on or off" to Press A from the Printer Utilities Menu …"
4 E97-808-2.1 C 8-4 Correction 4/5/97 Change "Press C from the Printer Utilites Menu to display the Spooler Monitor screen" to "Press B…"
5 E97-808-2.1 C 8-6 Correction 4/5/97 Change "Click/press J from the Utilities Menu to display the Set System Time and Date…" to "Click/press J…"
6 E96-717 C 10-10 Correction 5/28/97 Table 10-1 incorrectly shows Character Positions 10-28 used by S1 values of the record's block in the .SDF file. This should read Character Positions 12-30. Also, this table does not account for the option to include CAD sheet numbers in the .SDF (database) file. When you choose to add sheet numbers, Character Positions 12 and 13 are the two-digit sheet number, such as B0. In that case, spec 1 data occupies Character Positions 14-32 and the following specs then occupy 29 positions each beginning at position 33.
7 E96-200 B 129-3 Clarification 6/14/97 The MSDD, function code 129, has 4 states numbered 0-3. The pop-up or faceplate displays 3 states with state 1 at the bottom, 2 above that, and 3 at the top. Output mask 1 defines state 1, etc. The blocks first three outputs, shown as 1,2, and 3 in the FC manual, where 1 is address N, 2 is N+1, and 3 is N+2, do not necessarily correspond to states 1, 2, and 3. In fact, if output mask 3 is 100, then output 1 (address N) will be turned on. Therefore state 3 corresponds to output 1. Since the faceplate places state 3 descriptor at the top, it is common that state 3 be the start output.
8 E96-716 C 8-1 Clarification 6/14/97 The manual notes that only .DT files are understood by the Display Utilities. This is true, and even though .DT files are not used in PCView, they can still be created in SLDG 5.6 with the Display/Symbol Translation utility. This is required to use any of the Display Utilities.
9 E96-200 B 129-1 Clarification 6/15/97 Funcion Code 129, Multi-State Device Driver (MSDD), the alarm flag does not depend on the control output status. Therefore, when S25=1 to force the status to good, this does not prevent the station from alarming after the feedback waiting time. The alarm flag is associated with the N output of FC129, whereas CO status is reported on N+3 and can be used to trigger the next step in a sequence.
10 E96-200 B 129-12 Correction 6/15/97 Under Override indicator, "Note: A logic 1 at S25 and S14 equals XX1 or XX2 will cause OVR to be displayed" is incorrect. When S14 equals XX1 or XX2, OVR will always be displayed, regardless of whether S25 is a 0 or a 1. The workaround is to toggle S14 from a XX1 or XX2 to XX0 simultaneously with clearing S25 so the OVR flag will clear.
11 E96-200 B 140-1 Clarification 6/20/97 The address of the restore block must be greater than the address of the block to be restored. If not, the drawing will compile but the module will not accept the upload. It is possible to configure the block directly in the module with an address lower than the block to be restored, but it is not recommended.

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