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Supplemental Instructions for Bailey LAN-90 PCView

This procedure was written for a system where the EWS also served as a third PCV Workstation. Used in this manner, the EWS software was on the DOS partition, or C: drive. Hence, this procedure talks about exiting from PCV and booting in DOS, and vice versa. In cases where the EWS is a separate DOS-based machine, the alternate method is explained with notes in small italics.

Importing .DR Graphics Files into PCView (Created in SODG)

The QNX directory for graphics files in this example were stored in the southdown subdirectory of the /win/GOFdisplays parent directory. The directory name in the DOS environment, which would normally be the job number, was southdow.

Drill down through the menu structure in this order:

Main Menu | Configuration | Graphic Configuration | File Management

(You could select Import Graphics rather than File Management and enter the File Manager later by going back through the Main Menu, but it is simpler as explained here)

From the File Manager:

Import button (This does the same thing as Import Graphics on the Graphic Configuration menu)

Cmds button | Conversion Size |

Change to 1.2 to provide full size graphics (Bailey must have a reason for this)


Select dos directory

Select c drive (or a drive if your file is on a floppy disk)

Select southdow directory (there probably isn’t a directory on the floppy disk, so leave in root)

select graphics directory (again, not required if using floppy or different directory structure)

Select the file to import (i.e., mf01.dr)

Import button

Select server level (this is proper selection even for systems that don’t use the LAN)

type southdown and Enter or click Apply button (some jobs won’t use a subdirectory of the /win/GOFdisplays parent directory, in which case leave blank)

OK button to overwrite

OK button for the error summary (.dr file has now been imported to .gof file)

Close the Import Utility window by right-clicking the window control button and selecting Quit

From the File Manager:

Change to win directory by clicking the 5 symbol to left of the directory name bar in upper pane

Select the GOFdisplays directory from list of files/directories in lower pane

Select southdown directory in lower pane (some jobs won’t use a subdirectory of the /win/GOFdisplays directory, so skip this step)

Select the desired .gof file (i.e., mf01.gof)

File Cmds button

Convert Files

Server Level

OK the error summary

Close the File Manager window by right-clicking the window control button and selecting Quit

Transferring OIS Tag Database to SLDG Database

Main Menu | Configuration | Database Loaders | Tag Loader

F7 Export Tags

Enter /dos/c/southdow/tags/tags to create file named tags.ttg in the dos directory c:\southdow\tags (Enter /dos/a/tags, or whatever the file name would be in place of tags, to save to floppy. Most jobs would use the job number, such as 10129X for the tag database name. Use lower case letters)

When the procedures completes, press Enter to acknowledge

F10 to exit

Main Menu (skip this shutdown and reboot procedure if exporting to another PC)


Exit and Shutdown button

Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Del to reboot to DOS


From DOS in the directory containing the tag database on the EWS:

5 and Enter to go to Bailey Tag Database (varies according to menu setup on EWS. SMM will execute the SLDG program if there is no menu utility)

B Tag/Trend List Config

A Create/Edit OIS Tag List

Enter after the dBASE initialization is complete, or wait a few seconds

B Select OIS Tag List

type tags and Enter (or type the name of the tag database for your job, such as 10129x)

F Translate to/from ASCII format

B Translate from ASCII format (this is to convert the file tags.ttg stored previously to the c:\southdow\tags directory

Enter tags as filename (or the proper filename, such as 10129x)

Press any key to continue (you will instruct it to overwrite rather than append in the next step)

O to overwrite and Y to continue (ignore the fact that it says it is Appending … it is really Overwriting)

Press any key to continue

Esc to exit

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